In the spring of 2016 WE International’s director took a group to climb Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and finances to address gender-based violence in war torn regions of the world as a part of the 1,000,000 Thumbprints Campaign. Next spring, WE International is inviting a group of men to stand up against gender-based violence and climb to the top of Africa.

This is a great opportunity on so many levels to be changed and challenged personally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

The beauty of the mountain is that it doesn’t care if you are a seasoned mountaineer or have never climbed before. The mountain has the same obstacles and the same distance to get to the summit. People do climbs like this to make a difference and to set themselves apart. It’s a bucket list experience that can bring lasting change. They say the easy things in life often offer no pleasure, but it is the difficult challenges that bring us satisfaction and help us grow.

God created our lives to be lived, and in living we create beautiful stories… I promise you that you will enjoy living this chapter to your story!

 – WE International Inc. Founder & President, David Lippiatt

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