Participant Information


These dates are tentative and could change depending on flight price and availability.

Day 1-3

We will fly out of America on March 1st and arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania on March 2nd. We will stay at an overnight guest lodge for 2 nights as we prepare for the climb.

Day 4-11

The climb will take 7 days and nights. See below for the route and camp break down.Once the trek is over, we will spend 1 night back in Arusha, Tanzania at a guest lodge.

Day 12-14

We will have an optional Safari (for an additional expense) before returning home.




The total base cost is $5,600.

We understand that upfront this seems like a lot of money, and it is. This is why we are dedicated to being fully transparent about what that money will be used for, and also give you the best tools to be able to fundraise to reach this goal. There may be options for you to add on to your experience for an extra personal expense.


Flight and Ground Transportation

Food and Insurance

Park Fees and Trek Guide Services

Advocacy Programs

Taking all of the expenses into account, the total base cost of this trip is $5,600. This covers everything including transportation, food, and the climb, but does not cover any extra add on trip options.

On top of the base cost we are asking climbers to raise an encouraged additional $2,000 - $5,000 for programs that address gender-based violence. 

WE International Inc. has created a donation page for climbers to raise financial support. WE International Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so all donations made through this page may be eligible to be tax-deductible. However, please consult your tax professional for tax advice. Climbers can also raise funds through crowdsourcing, Go Fund me, social media outlets, and direct letters to family, friends and coworkers.


As a team we will discuss possibilities for team fundraising events.  


As of now, we are planing to climb the Shira route 7Bg, but it may be subject to change. (Don’t worry all roads lead to Rome, in other words all the routes lead to the summit).


The Kilimanjaro Shira route 7Bg is the best non-technical, seven-night group trek on the Shira Trail, which starts its ascent from the western side of Mount Kilimanjaro in the northeast region of Tanzania.

Starting high above the forest, the trail leads for two days out across the moorland of the Shira Plateau before diverting to the little-visited Moir Hut, exploring the wilderness of the Lent Hills, traversing below the Southern Ice fields from Barafu to summit, and descending down the Mweka Trail.

The trek uses a very clever traffic avoidance technique, which joins the often-busy Machame Trail several hours later than the main body of trekkers and campers in different locations. Only on the last three nights are you likely to be exposed to traffic.

Altitude acclimatization on this route is exceptional, with some superb acclimatization treks in the Lent Hills and the lower Western Breach, enabling trekkers to really walk high and sleep low. The only slight downside is that the first two nights are relatively high, which leads to around 1% of trekkers giving up early on. But the vast majority of those who get past that go on to reach the summit with an extraordinary 94% success rate.



Fitness Level




fitness level


While on the climb, we will be hiking 2 to 12 hours per day (2 to 12 miles) on moderate to steep grades and at elevations ranging from 5,000 feet to a maximum of 19,340 feet.


WE International will provide climbers with some general workouts and benchmarks of fitness to prepare for the climb. WEI will also give personal feedback and recommendations for an individual climber’s training regime.

Trip insurance will be provided for your journey.

Have questions? Contact us at

Leading up to the climb, we will have regular communication, preparation meetings, optional fundraising events, and workouts for those interested.


Because of the unique nature of the trip, we are asking that an application be filled out and submitted by June 30th, 2017

Please submit your trip application, and upon acceptance you will be asked to submit your $500.00 deposit made out to WE International, Inc. within one week to secure your slot on the trip. 

The first payment installation (not including your $500 deposit) will be due September15th, 2017, your second payment will be due November 1st, 2017, and your final payment will be due January 1st, 2018.

The team is a group of 11 men from around the U.S. looking to do something meaningful.



the TEAM


David Lippiatt - Co-Founder & President of WE International

"Perhaps the biggest assault against women is that more is not being done to address gender-based violence." 

David Northcutt

"This opportunity found me and shook me awake like a call to arms. A worthy cause and a challenge to test my limits. This is what I’m made for."

James Kraemer

"I've always enjoyed physical challenges, but raising a family and the careers I've pursued over the past 35 years have not lent themselves to a unique endeavor like hiking Kilimanjaro. The fact that I am contributing to a noteworthy cause while pursuing a personal passion gives me comfort. Additionally, it’s appealing that our organization is Madison-based."

Kyle Glenn

"As a father of three teenage daughters, I feel called to do something about gender based violence.  I believe that every girl and woman deserves to be fought for.  Following Jesus requires movement, and doing hard things; great things rarely come from comfort zones. I am grateful to WE International for leading the way in responding to this worldwide crisis."

Chad O'Connor

"I've always had a passion for the outdoors and mountains, they have always been a part of my life. The fact that I can climb an incredible mountain and help those that are suffering around the world is amazing! Adventure is out there."

Benjamin Ray

"Over the years, I have traveled and hiked around the world. I spend much of my free time traveling. Now, I reside in Boone, NC with my wife, Sommer and Crockett, my loving bernese mountain dog."

Matthew Ray

"I am thrilled at the opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro, not only to test my limits, but even more to stand on behalf of women everywhere. I'm a photographer by trade and very much looking forward to capturing this journey!"

Don Millis

"Our world is replete with wrongs and injustices that deserve attention, but violence against women is particularly evil. Helping WE International take on this evil is the least I can do. Our climb represents a modest effort to push back against gender violence. Yet, with the Lord's help, our climb may raise awareness of this scourge and generate resources to minister to its victims."

John Emmerich

"I truly believe in helping women who are either trapped in sexual violence or other forms of abuse. This is a bucket list item to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I desire to use my physical abilities to raise awareness for gender based violence."

Bob Heinemann

Alex Goellner


our beneficiaries

1. A fistula hospital in the Congo

2. Trauma Counseling Camps for Syrian Refugee Women

3. WE International anti-trafficking initiatives, including the Home of Restoration, WE International's partner

Please note, we have kept the specific names of our beneficiaries anonymous for their concern and safety. If you would like more information on our beneficiaries, please email

(608) 467-7655

119 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd suite 20, Madison, WI 53703, USA